Blaze Landscape Contracting, Inc. is a full service landscape company founded in 1975, located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Blaze Selestow Sr. first established the organization, at the young age of seventeen. For over 35 years, Blaze Landscape has provided design, installation and maintenance for residential, industrial and commercial customers.


Our mission at Blaze Landscape Contracting Inc. is to maintain growth in our company through superior customer service, innovation, quality, and commitment to our customers.

Blaze Selestow Sr. -- President and Founder


We believe that a safe jobsite is critical to every contractor’s success. The Landscape industry is no different than any other field within the construction industry when it comes to safety. Safety is always the main priority on our jobsite, for both our company and the customer. For over 35 years Blaze Landscape has promoted a safe working environment and has the track record to prove it. Our strong safety record reinforces that our employees are well trained, effective and efficient, and have everybody’s safety in mind at all time.